The Future of Soul & Funk

There’s one thing that comes to my mind the most. I always wonder about the future of Soul and Funk music and where it’s going. With the music industry transitioning to the digital age, there might be hope that it all comes back around full circle. Like people say that Hip Hop is dead, do they think the same way about Soul and Funk. They might think that they are both irrelevant. Like Classical and Jazz, they are considered to be Museum music which has its time and place. What are your thoughts on the future of Soul and Funk music?

One response to “The Future of Soul & Funk

  1. I, for one, want funk to come back in a BIG way. Sooo glad to see Morris Day out with a new album! Everything eventually makes a comeback, just re-interpreted – like Michael Buble’ has done with that whole Frank Sinatra throwback. I’m ready for who is gonna be the next George Clinton meets 2012 with rap thrown in!

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