Was the Grammys made for Black artists?

One question that comes to mind. “Was the Grammys made for us [Black artists]?” Even though I don’t really know the answer, but there are many discussions and viewpoints regarding this. There are definitely assumptions that Black artists barely get recognized for their work. Not all Black music is well received which is true in most cases. What do you think?

3 responses to “Was the Grammys made for Black artists?

  1. The grammys are just like the MTV awards. Grammys and MTV awards cater to the more mainstream artists. We have the BET awards and the Source Awards that are directed to just about everybody. Hell wasn’t Justin Bieber nominated for a BET award?

    • Yes he was. But in the mainstream, Justin Bieber is looked at as a pop artist. While artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher and Chris Brown are looked at as black artists even though they are pop. Eminem easily fits into Rap because of his raw lyricsm. He never dumbed down to impress the mainstream like Vanilla Ice. Em has now paved the way for his Shady signee Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly, who will more likely in his place in Hip Hop. Back then, if you were white were Pop/Rock, if you were black, you were R&B/Soul. It’s crazy how we could categorize an artist like Justin Bieber, Adele or Joss Stone just because of their race. Why were the Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Daryl Hall and John Oates categorized as pop or rock and Teena Marie and Robin Thicke categorized as R&B. Does music have any boundaries? No. But we tend to criticize artists/musicians for doing another genre outside their own.

  2. It’s interesting that they have Latin Grammys which is exclusively for Latin artists. Like Black music, they cater to the Latin audiences. I wonder how the Latin Grammys came about. Why could there be a Black Grammys if the Grammys wasn’t made for us in the first place?

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